4 Surprising Ways Dry Transfers Can Work For You

product packaging mockup.jpg

When you think of dry transfers, you most likely imagine the iron-on designs that go on kids' t-shirts at the local craft store. But dry transfers are a viable option for product packaging and have no virtual limit to their applications.

Dry transfers, also called custom rub-on transfers, can give your packaging a professional and effective look. The dry transfer process is similar to screen printing, which is when a design is directly printed to a box or bottle through direct ink.

To give you a better idea of just how incredible dry transfer is when it comes to packaging and product packaging mockups, consider the following four ways you can use dry transfers:

  1. Models and toys. The graphics you see on toys and models are often applied with custom dry transfers so the product's detailing looks just right.

  2. Cosmetics. The reason why custom cosmetic packaging looks so sleek is because of dry transfers. Custom dry transfers are often used in cosmetics because labels can be too big to fit right on small and narrow packaging for tools like brushes and eye-pencils.

  3. Beverages. Dry transfers are what give wine, water, and hard liquor bottles that label-free wrapped look that makes beverage products stand out on the shelf.

  4. Electronics. Electronics like fitness trackers, tablets, phones, and computers use dry transfers to create a sleek look that doesn't break the flow of the tech's design.

Custom dry transfers can help your business save money by giving you a better idea of what your finished product will look like. This ultimately bridges the gap between the concept of your product and its packaging and that product's final outcome. You can see how well the design looks on your product and how well it fits with your brand before finalizing anything.

Looking for product packaging mockups?

Approximately 95% of all new products on the market fail every year. Product packaging mockups can help to reduce the risk of product failure by giving you the ability to catch packaging mistakes before the package goes on the shelf.

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