5 Strategies To Maximize the Visibility of Your Product's Packaging

product mockups.jpg

When attempting to sell a product, visibility is one of the most important factors for success. If product packaging mockups do not stand out when tested next to other items, this is a sign that a return to the drawing board is necessary. Fortunately, there are a number of tried and true design choices to test on product mockups that can effectively grab attention. Utilize any of these five eye-catching design elements on your product mockups and see if they are a good fit for your product's packaging.

  1. Utilize complementary colors

    Blue and yellow. Red and green. The juxtaposition of complementary colors makes for a vibrant display that catches interest effortlessly. These color combinations evoke a sense of excitement and playfulness due to their inherent brightness and unpredictable nature. Product packaging using complementary colors will naturally stand out against more tame, conventional color combinations.

  2. Place light colors next to darker tones

    It is a classic design choice, eye-popping yet refined. Whether white paired with black, creme with charcoal, or simply a very light and very dark blue together, the contrast of light and dark tones elevate any design. This strategy serves the additional purpose of improving readability, making it particularly useful for labels with small text.

  3. Get extra dimensions with embossing

    Through the magic of the die press, an entire new element can be added. A piece of text or image of your choice, pressed on the back of the package, will result in a protruding imprint that will catch the eye and the fingers. Sometimes, your text needs to stand out in order to stand out.

  4. Increase your package's depth, literally, with debossing

    In the reverse process, a die pressed on the front of a package results in an indent of your design. This introduction of extra dimensions to a product's design makes for a more dynamic visual experience.

  5. Save time and money with eye popping raised ink

    Even more efficient to produce are lifted ink prints. Produced by sprinkling powder on the still-wet ink of a recently printed package, the increased surface area of this design feature better catches the light, making words and colors pop.

Whatever your vision, Virtual Packaging can help you achieve it. More than half of all consumers report feeling inclined to make repeated purchases from companies with premium package design. The numerous design features available with Virtual Packaging make it easier than ever to craft an appealing, high-contrast design for your product.