8 Things to Think About When Designing Packaging for Your Product

packaging mockup.jpg

If you are selling a new product or trying to move more of something you already produce, finding the right packaging design can make a large difference in your success or failure. It has been estimated that every year about 95% of new products put on the market do not succeed. Marketing experts report that the right packaging can make a difference in how well a product does. In terms of premium packaging, it has been reported that half of all consumers buy more of a product when it has better packaging. From working on your design to making the most of packaging mockups, getting your packaging design right is important to the success of your business. Here are some things to think about when designing your packaging:

  1. Learn more about who is buying your product. When you look at your packaging mockup, think about the people who buy and use your product. Does your packaging appeal to them? One key to designing the right packaging is knowing who you are trying to attract with it. You need to approach custom makeup packaging in a different way than you would approach sandwich packaging mockups.

  2. Let your product be the inspiration for your packaging. The items you sell have unique characteristics and qualities. When you are working on the packaging think of your product's story and what sets it apart from the competition. Marketing experts recommend incorporating the product being sold into the packaging design itself.

  3. Go with packaging design that has a practical purpose. Drinks that come in reusable and resealable pouches make sense because they are easy to transport and the package can be opened and resealed without spilling it. This is more important than making the packaging stand out by being really out there. When you look at packaging mockups, think about how practical it is for the people who will use it.

  4. Your packaging has to work with the sales plan you have worked out. When you are working on the packaging design, you should work with your sales and marketing team to make sure everything works together. You need to keep the needs of your retailers and distributors in mind. Remember, your packaging is a part of your overall marketing and sales strategy.

  5. Make it friendly to the environment. More and more consumers are taking the environment into consideration when buying anything from beverages to a new home. By some estimates, more than half (52%) of all consumers, across the planet, factor in the environmental impact of the items they buy when making purchasing decisions. By using post-consumer recycled materials and a more eco-friendly design in your packaging, you can increase the sales of your products.

  6. Make your product stand out. When consumers enter a grocery store, they are practically bombarded by products. One of the goals of your packaging is to make people notice your products. When you look at your packaging mockup, think about how it will look next to everything else on the shelf. People will not buy your product if they never see it.

  7. Make sure your product is good when people buy it. The main role of packaging for products is to make sure it is able to make the move from the warehouse to the store in good shape. If your product needs protection from heat, cold, the sun, water, or anything else, your packaging needs to protect it. This was the original purpose of product packaging.

  8. Take care with the fonts and colors. In the first place, the fonts and the colors used on your packaging should not clash with your company's logo. All of your marketing materials need to mirror each other. Nothing should tell a different story. When you pick colors and fonts, it should still work with your logo and colors used there and on your website. Remember, one rule from Marketing 101 is to make everything work together.

The right packaging can work wonders in selling your product. When you get your packaging mockup, consider these factors. That way you can determine if the packaging design you have worked on will work for the product you want to sell.