Five Creative Ideas For Cosmetic Packaging

packaging mockup.jpg

While it is true that you can’t tell a book by its cover, it is also true that you can usually tell a product by its packaging. In the competitive world of cosmetic packaging, creating a new and innovative concept for the packaging mockup is an essential step in the process of reaching and retaining new customers. Here are five creative ideas for custom cosmetic packaging, aiming to excite and engage consumers. 

1. Custom Shrink Wrap Labels

Launching a new product, or reintroducing an existing one, is helped immeasurably by clever, eye-catching, consumer-friendly packaging. In fact, it has been reported that consumer interest went up by 30% in businesses that are meticulous and pay attention to the packaging of their products. Custom shrink wrap labels are perfect for this idea. They convey information about your product and are heat-applied directly to your packaging.

2. Custom Shrink Wrap Sleeves

Not every cosmetic packaging mockup is a perfect cube, or ideal rectangle. Cosmetics are often unconventionally shaped and require a various types of mockups. If your cosmetic packaging is in this category, then custom shrink wrap sleeves could be an ideal solution. Similar to the custom shrink wrap labels, the sleeves surround the entire package and are usually applied with heat. 

3. Rub On Transfers

These are a fantastic way to make an eye-catching custom statement on your packaging. Rub on transfers are, essentially, stickers. They are also called decals. Easy to apply, they usually do not require the use of water or any other solvent, and they stick to virtually anything. And, really, who doesn’t love stickers? 

4. Foil Stamp and Embossing

The cosmetic industry is all about beauty. What is more beautiful than a shiny, glossy foil stamp affixed to your packaging? Gleaming in the light, it will attract customers attention as they pass by your display. Just a single initial or symbol, such as a star, creates an evocative image and sparks the imagination. To take this concept to another level, embossing the foil stamp will add another dimension of luxury. Sheer, affordable elegance for your packaging.

5. High Quality Dry Transfers

These custom patterns, often (but not always) glitter, are designed and applied to other materials with heat. Exceptionally good on ribbons for packaging your cosmetics, a banner, or even a t-shirt that may accompany your custom cosmetic line. One advantage is that the process can be completed very quickly.

Custom cosmetic packaging design is a challenging, creative, and exciting field. The packaging must be eye-catching, informative, attractive...and affordable. Being creative and taking steps to think outside the box when considering a packaging mockup will be a great beginning to increasing your sales, your profits and your success.