3 Things To Look For In A Mockup Packaging Company

It's no secret that packaging is a vital part of any product. Before a customer sees what your business is offering them, they see the product's packaging design. It's up to the packaging to get the customer's attention, keep their attention, and finally get them to buy the product.

That said, before a product can make it onto the shelves you need the help of a mockup packaging company to deliver the prototypes of your packaging designs.

Why do I need to bother with a packaging mockup?

If your business opts to print its packaging once the final design has been made, you're making a gutsy move. How a design looks on a computer screen is a lot different than how it looks in person. That's why mockups have become so popular in the first place.

Mockup packaging gives you the chance to see how your packaging looks in your hand. Maybe the colors are too dark or it's not eye-catching enough. The mockup is the prototype to your final packaging product and your chance to fix any mistakes that could come back to bite you later.

How can I find the right mockup packaging company?

Mockup packaging can help you find and fix mistakes in your packaging design. But you still need to be selective about the mockup packaging company you choose to partner with.

Here are three factors you need to consider when choosing a mockup packaging company:

  1. Expertise. Mockups aren't made just by printing. If they were, you could create them yourself. Look for companies like Virtual Packaging whose skilled technicians have over 100 years of combined industry expertise.

  2. Customer service. Look for companies who can provide you with your mockups on a time crunch. You might not always need an emergency mockup, but when you do you can feel confident knowing your mockup packaging company can deliver.

  3. Different techniques. Your business offers different products, so why would you stick with a mockup packaging company that only offers one type of mockup? Choose a company that can deliver multiple types of mockups to meet your needs.

Do you need box packing mockups?

The third largest industry in the U.S. is packaging, and that's not just because every product needs to be boxed in some way. Packaging is a vital part of marketing. If a customer isn't attracted to a product's packaging, they're less likely to buy it.

That's where packaging mockups come in. Box packaging mockups can help your marketing team determine if the packaging design is really the best choice for the product.

Virtual Packaging provides box packaging mockups, makeup packaging mockups, and even custom cosmetic packaging mockups so your business can feel confident in the packaging design you choose. To learn more about our box packaging mockups or custom shrink wrap labels, contact Virtual Packaging today.