Clean Packaging Design: The Trend You Need To Know

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Like web design, packaging design trends come and go. For instance, matte finishes have recently become associated with healthy and wholesome products.

One of the most recent packaging design trends that have become popular is clean packaging design. Like matte finishes, consumers associate clean design with clean, healthy products.

What is clean packaging design?

Clean packaging design is very similar to minimalism. Like minimalism, clean design uses simple images and few words.

There aren't many colors on the packaging either. This not only keeps the customer from becoming distracted from the product's ingredients but it also makes the packaging stand out from other products on the shelf.

Why are customers attracted to clean packaging design?

Consumers are have become more and more distrusting of marketing. This is partially due to social media websites selling user information to companies for marketing and advertisement purposes. But it's also because consumers are trying to be healthier about their food choices and the products they use.

Consumers want things to be simple rather than complex. They don't want to have to fish through thousands of different lightbulb brands to find the best lightbulb brand.

Clean packaging design is also attractive because of its aesthetic. Compared to other packaging designs around it on the shelf, clean packaging has a simple color palette and good use of white space. This makes the product easy to read and almost refreshing to look at.

If your products have a simple list of ingredients, it may be a good idea to give clean packaging design a try. You may be able to have your product stand out from others on the shelf, increase sales, and boost your brand awareness.

Virtual Packaging can help you create different types of clean mockups

The clean packaging design trend has been increasingly popular in the last two years. You can take advantage of this trend by using clean packaging for your own products, which can increase sales. Over 50% of consumers say they'll make additional purchases from a brand that uses premium retail packaging like clean packaging.

Virtual Packaging can help to produce several different clean packaging options for your products for you to choose from.

Whether you need sandwich packaging mockups, makeup packaging mockups, or shrink wrap packaging, we can work with you to help your product packaging meet this new trend. To learn more about our sandwich packaging mockups and other box packaging mockups, contact Virtual Packaging today.