How Can I Make Sure My Overseas Production Run Is As Good As Its Mock-up?

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It's no secret that showing strong attention to your product packaging can have a major impact on your sales. In fact, businesses who put a lot of thought and attention into their packaging have reported increases as high as 30% in consumer interest.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to manage the quality of your product packaging when your products are manufactured overseas. How can you better simulate how your products will look when using overseas manufacturers?

Outsourcing is your friend in more ways than one

As a company, you've most likely considered outsourcing for different areas of your business. For instance, it's often cheaper to outsource an IT department if your business is small.

But outsourcing can help your company in more ways than just saving money. It can also help to give you a more professional edge. 

One of the biggest issues that face companies when using overseas manufacturing is quality control. The mock prototypes you use may look better than the actual production runs, which is a problem considering prototypes are made specifically to improve the actual production run.

To improve quality control, consider outsourcing quality inspections for your products. You can also employ someone to work on site overseas to personally oversee the quality of your production run.

When you outsource an independent inspection company, you enable a professional to visit your manufacturing partner's plant to do production audits and quality controls to make sure your products are in the best shape possible.

Make sure you're using the right overseas manufacturer

Sometimes the problem with your production run isn't that you're not monitoring your product's quality enough. The problem may be that you're not using the right overseas manufacturer for your company.

When looking to partner with a manufacturing company overseas, make sure to look for someone with the right technological equipment, know-how, and quality specifications.

Where can I outsource custom shrink wrap labels?

Packaging is the third largest industry in the U.S. and for good reason. Approximately 95% of new products fail, which makes good packaging a critical part of a new product's success.

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