Matte Treatments: How Does Matte Packaging Convince Consumers The Product Is Healthy?

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One of the most challenging aspects of packaging design is getting your product to stand out from all the others on the shelf. For those offering healthy, natural and organic products it can be even more difficult because your consumer needs to first notice the product to read its natural properties.

Luckily, recent packaging designers have found a way to make healthy, natural products stand out on the shelves. And, no, it's not because the packaging has 'ORGANIC' in large, capitalized letters.

We are, of course, talking about matte treatments.


Why are matte treatments seen as the packaging for healthy products?

Matte treatments have been used on product packaging for years, but lately, they've become more popular. This is namely because matte packaging helps to separate the product from others.

Snack bags like potato chip bags are placed in bright, reflective packaging to help them stand out on the shelves. In recent years, this type of packaging is so common that matte packaging (with its non-reflective properties) is now standing out on the shelves.

The different look and texture make consumers stop to look at the packaging, pick it up, and read it. This comes in handy for healthy, natural products that rely on consumers to read their ingredients.

This isn't the only reason why matte finishes have been associated with healthy products, though. When consumers see a matte finish on a product's packaging, they associate it with hand-made goods such as the paper bags they might find at the local bakery.

When these products are set side-by-side with their shinier cousins, consumers may see the matte finish as the healthier and more trustworthy option. Shine might be associated with oils and grease whereas matte seems natural.


Where can I look into getting mock prototypes?

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