What Are The Benefits Of Tactile Mockups?

box packaging mockup.jpg

By using mockups, you're giving yourself the opportunity to try out new packaging in smaller quantities. It's one thing to see packaging design on screen and another to hold it in your hands.

With a mockup, you have the ability to test the packaging and make any alterations or suggestions before finally sending out the new packaging to be printed en masse. If you haven't been using mockups in the past, consider the following benefits of using tactile mockups for your own packaging designs.


  1. Tactile mockups are more real. You can't feel a product's surface through a computer screen. Computerized mockup tools can also make a great design seem dull or lifeless because they're missing the details and colors you'd see in person. By judging a packaging design based on the digital version along, you could end up with the wrong packaging choice.

  3. Tactile mockups give you better feedback. As mentioned above, a packaging design can look different when it's on the screen compared to when it's in your hands. For this reason, tactile mockups are essential if you're looking for quality feedback on the design. Your team can get a better idea of what the product looks like in person and what the product would look like on the shelves.

  5. Tactile mockups aren't as expensive as a big mistake. Tactile mockups help marketing teams and companies save money because you're better able to catch issues with the design before it goes to print. The last thing you want to do is realize the color choice of your design doesn't stand out well on the shelves when you already have millions of products packaged and ready to head to stores. A mockup is like a prototype and it's better to catch a problem on a prototype than it is on the final product.



Where can I find quality box packaging mockups?

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