Do Prototypes Really Sell Packaging And Products?

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Every year, up to 95% of new products fail. Although the reason for this is not entirely known, approximately 52% of consumers around the world reportedly make their purchasing decision based on whether the packaging shows a brand making a positive social or environmental impact.

That said, a product's packaging can make a big impact on whether or not the product itself succeeds. 

Fortunately, brands and retailers can avoid these Consumer Vs. Product tests by using 3D product mockups to see if the packaging is really as good in person as it is in the design stage.


Why bother using packaging mockups?

When a consumer buys a product, they're not only buying the product. They're buying the packaging that holds the product. Businesses that give their product packaging strong attention have reported an increase in consumer interest as high as 30%.

Because packaging is such a critical part of the overall sales experience, it makes sense to use packaging mockups. With packaging mockups, you're able to catch design errors you might not have seen on the computer that customers will spot immediately.


What are the benefits of using packaging mockups?

Brands and retailers use packaging mockups in the same way those in the tech industry make robotic prototypes. You use the mockup to identify bugs in the system and see how you can improve the end product.

If you're unsure whether packaging mockups are really worth investing in, consider the following benefits you could take advantage of by using them in your own design and marketing processes.


  1. Receive more in-depth reviews. When you look at a design on the computer, you might receive generalized feedback. But when you have a mockup of the final design in your hand, you can receive in-depth feedback that's closer to that of your target audience's opinion.

  2. See how the colors look in-person. Some colors can look great on the computer screen, but not in-person.

  3. Mockups make it easier to see flaws. Again, in the design stage you may not be able to see a mistake or if the packaging may look off-putting.


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