The Pet Industry is Booming, are you ready to shine at the Super Zoo 2018?

Did you know that over 68% of households own an animal?  Did you know that it is projected this year that Americans will spend over $72 Billion dollars on their pets?  That is a lot of money and that is why if you own a pet industry business you want your products to stand out to get the biggest share of this billion-dollar business.  Super Zoo is a huge pet industry trade show in Las Vegas this June that will capitalize on the booming pet industry.

Here are some more facts to understand why this is a billion-dollar industry.  90% of pet owners think of their dogs and cats as members of the family. 40% percent of married female dog owners reported they had received more emotional support from their pet than from their husband or kids!  Maybe that statistic has something to do with the 50% divorce rate in the country! The average monthly spending on dogs is over $139 a month.  So, it is clear that this is a big money industry. 6 in 10 people say they indulge in pet therapy, 82% of dog owner’s noticed improvement in their mental and emotional health because of their dogs, 4 in 10 people leaned on their pet to get them through the loss of a loved one and 80% said it would be a deal breaker if their romantic partner did not like their pet, so you can see why getting a piece of this billion-dollar pie is important to any company in the pet industry.

Now let’s look at a packaging statistic in the pet industry. One-third of US Adults equate quality packaging to product quality.  Unique packaging can differentiate your product on the shelf.  It can also help form and support the identity of your brand.  The Mintel report said, “The bottom line: Good packaging protects your product. Great packaging protects your brand.”  We all know that price is a key factor for the consumer when purchasing a product, but brand trust also plays an important role as well. Brand trust creates the ability for extension of a brand as well.  That is a key factor in company growth.

So, make sure if you need great packaging you come to the best quality mockup house, Virtual Packaging.  We can help your product and your brand look the best!  Let us help you outshine the competition at this year's 2018 Super Zoo show!


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