The Versatility Of Mockups: What Else Can I Use Mockup Packaging For?

packaging mockups.jpg

Mockup packaging is an essential part of the packaging design process. Without a mock prototype, you can't easily detect design mistakes or color flaws that could be corrected before officially printing.

On top of that, mockup packaging has many other benefits aside from helping you catch mistakes. Here are just a few ways you can use your product's packaging mockups.

Use mockups for samples

Think of how often your company needs samples of your products. You may use samples for corporate events, marketing events, trade shows, or sales events.

You can save on printing costs by using your mockup packaging for these events. In fact, you can even use these events to test your packaging design.

Watch in real time to see if your mockups grab the attention of your intended audience. Is the packaging catching anyone's eye? Is your audience stopping because of the packaging or for another reason?

If your mockup doesn't interest anyone at your event, you can always improve on the design before you send out the packaging to be officially printed for sale.

Use your mockup packaging for photo shoots

Once you have a mockup that meets all your company's design requirements and needs, you can use the mockup packaging for official marketing photo shoots. You can use them in advertisements for magazines, newspapers, and billboards.

You can also use mockup packaging for other types of advertising, too, including TV ads, ads on YouTube, and ads on your website. You can always position the product beside the mockup packaging for an official look.

Mockup packaging is incredibly versatile, which makes it a great return on investment. Not only are you checking for mistakes before giving your packaging an official thumbs-up, but you're also providing your company with future sales and advertising props.

Where can I order packaging mockups?

Packaging is the third largest industry in the U.S. and with good reason. Packaging is just as important as other types of marketing when it comes to selling a new product.

Before you can officially package and sell your products, you need packaging mockups to make sure your packaging is ready to go for its final print.

Whether you need custom shrink wrap sleeves or sandwich packaging mockups, Virtual Packaging has the mockups you need at the speed that you need them. To learn more about our different types of mockups or to order your own, contact Virtual Packaging today.