Spot Varnish: How To Grab The Customer's Attention With One Design Change

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For sales success, it's crucial that your packaging is visually attractive. Although you may know that a lot of attention goes into the overall packaging design of your products, you may not know that the little details can make or break the design.

If you're looking to catch your customers' attention without using loud colors or a glossy finish, here's how spot varnish on packaging can take your design to the next level and get you the sales you want.

What is a spot varnish?

Spot varnish is the use of varnishing a certain part of a printed piece such as a business card, invitation, or packaging design. The effect gives the specified area of the printed piece a nice gloss finish.

Spot varnish has long been a staple of the print world because of its visual appeal and subtle impact on the viewer. Now, spot varnish is used on a variety of print pieces for many different products.

What makes spot varnish worth investing in?

In the past year, there's been a battle on store shelves between glossy packaging and matte packaging. With so many products coated in shiny bags to grab customers' attention, matte packaging became the new attention-grabber.

Spot varnish gives you the ability to set your product apart from the others in glossy packaging while also setting it apart from those in matte packaging.

Whether you're using spot varnish for cosmetic packaging or food packaging, here's what spot varnish can do for you:

  • Protect your packaging or cards from fingerprint residue

  • Add tactile and visual interest to your overall design

  • Add emphasis to certain parts of typography or images

  • Enhance the color of certain parts of typography, images, or graphics

  • Add a sense of craftsmanship your customers can take note of

Where can I get 3D product mockups?

Packing mockups are an important tool used in finalizing the details of your packaging design. Up to 95% of new products fail every year, making 3D product mockups not just beneficial but critical to the overall success of your products.

What's more, by using 3D product mockups, you're able to see how spot varnish can improve the overall design of your packaging for yourself before it goes into print.

Virtual Packaging provides different types of mockups from box packaging mockups to sandwich packaging mockups. To learn more about our 3D product mockups and how they can help improve your sales, contact Virtual Packaging today.