High-End Alternatives to Blister Packs

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Most goods can be sold in a variety of package types and still find commercial success. Though some products are inappropriate for certain styles of packages, generally any good can be packaged in more than one way and still sell well. 

However, for high-end products, the quality of the package needs to match the quality of the product. Many consumers make shopping decisions based on the appearance of the container, and may not be willing to spend money on a good product if it appears to be cheaply wrapped. In addition, over 50% of consumers agreed that they would make additional purchases from a brand that uses premium retail packaging. This is a lesson many cosmetics companies have put into practice in recent years. By using artistic and colorful packaging designs, devoted customers have created an entire genre of "unboxing" videos on sites like Youtube and Instagram. Now, many beauty companies test high-concept packaging mockups to please these loyal customers.

One common type of packaging that may not fare well in a high-end product market is the blister pack. Blister packs consist of a firm-back container with transparent plastic sealed over the product. Blister packs are common in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic packaging. This style is popular because it allows shoppers to view the product within the "blister" of plastic, which can be "popped" or removed to open the package. Pens, toothbrushes, pill tablets, batteries, and more are often sold in blister packages.

It's easy to see why blister packages might be the first choice for some industries. Blister packages are affordable, adaptable, tamper-evident, and allow consumers to look directly at a product. 

However, because they are so common, blister packs can sometimes appear cheap and less elegant. They are also sometimes difficult to open and cannot be reused as storage for the product. Such a package might not be appropriate for high-end makeup packaging or other luxury goods in which branding is essential. 

Here are just a few high-quality alternatives to blister packaging that might appeal to high-end consumers: 

  1. Plastic-Free Packaging

    Many consumers are looking for products that match their values. In fact, about 52% of consumers around the world make purchasing decisions partially based on whether packaging reflects the brand's dedication to making a positive social or environmental impact. A sustainable-sourced packaging material and product might command a higher price, but consumers are often willing to pay for a guilt-free conscience, especially if the product fulfills its intended purpose.

  2. Rigid Boxes

    Another alternative to blister packs for high-end products is a variety of boxes. Though any type of cardboard or paperboard box might seem more high-quality than a blister pack, rigid boxes in particular can suggest value. Some even have magnets that keep the box closed, so it can be reused as storage for the items within.

  3. Pouches

    For loose items, a pouch can be a tasteful way to contain multiple small objects without the rigidity of a blister pack. Many pouches can be resealed, and some offer a small viewing window so consumers can still see the product within. Pouches can be easily designed to meet high-end product aesthetics as well.

If you're looking to sell a high-end product, be sure to research alternatives before settling on blister packaging. For better sales and better reviews, a little packaging creativity can go a long way. 

If you're hesitating to transform your packaging, consider ordering packaging mockups first. Companies like Virtual Packaging can offer creative packaging mockups that allow companies to test a design before completing a full order. For packaging mockups, rub-on transfers, custom shrink wrap labels, and more, check out Virtual Packaging today.