Matte-Finish Packaging

Matte is one of the most popular types of finishes for packaging. But is matte-finish packaging right for you and your product?

What Are Matte Finishes?

Matte lamination is a type of finish that gives packaging a velvety smooth texture and non-reflective look. Unlike glossy finishes, which are bolder and more in-your-face, matte finishes possess elegant, understated charm.

What Types of Packaging Are Matte Finishes Best For?

A matte finish is ideal for any product that needs to give off a simple, natural, and sophisticated look. Examples include cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, and food or beverages containing natural, organic ingredients.

The Benefits of Matte Finishes

Why should you choose a matte finish for your packaging? These finishes offer numerous benefits, such as the following:

An Air of Elegance

Matte finishes exude a sense of elegance and exclusivity, enhancing the perceived value of your product.

Eliminates Fingerprints and Smudges

Matte-finish packaging is resistant to fingerprints, smudges, and scratches. This ensures your packaging retains a clean and pristine appearance.

Easier To Read

Because matte finishes are non-reflective, they don’t produce a glare. This makes it easier for consumers to admire the branding elements on your packaging, as well as read important information, such as ingredient lists.

Give Matte Finishes a Try With Virtual Packaging’s Mock-ups

Do you think matte could be the right type of finish for your packaging, but you aren’t quite ready to commit? Thanks to Virtual Packaging’s packaging prototyping services, you can see what your packaging looks like with a matte finish in real life. This lets you assess if it matches your desired style and branding objectives before you proceed with mass production.

Through our matte-finish printing process, we can mock-up matte packaging bags, matte packaging boxes, and more. Our streamlined production process guarantees quick turnarounds and top-notch outcomes. We also prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness by recycling all waste. If you want to experiment with a matte finish for your product, get in touch with us today!