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Virtual Packaging has a variety of custom pouch packaging prototype options to make all of your products look absolutely stunning. Whether you need something clear, solid, protective, air-packed, or all of the above, we’ll work together to find the best option for your specific product needs.

Products big and small from all types of industries utilize custom product bag packaging. Looking for something that will keep your delicate food or  snacks from getting crushed? Pillow bag packaging is air cushioned and specifically designed to do just that. Searching for something that can be placed neatly on a shelf? Sturdy stand-up pouches or VSU bags are flat at the bottom and capable of holding heavier products. If you’re looking for more Board Space to fill with art or info, a Flat bottom or Box Pouch may be the stile for you. Whatever your specific needs are, we can come up with a custom packaging bag solution to get your product flying out the doors.

Custom Flow Wrap Packaging is another option which is most commonly used for single serve items such as Granola bars, mints, and chocolates. For this technique, the package is heat sealed on both sides, allowing it to have a longer shelf life. However, there’s still a little air left inside to protect the product during transportation. It is ideal for things that may vary in size, such as baked goods, since it is custom fit to each object. We’ll collaborate with you to create a custom mockup for your flow wrap packaging.

We can finish off any of your Flexible pouches with a variety of finishes and speciality features.  Below are just a few options!  Not seeing something you need?   Contact us today and we can confirm if its possible, here at Virtual we strive to ensure your products meet and exceed any dream or expectations you may have!

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With a Variety of shapes and forms, the stand-up pouch is excellent for many products such as solids, liquids, powdered products, and non-food items. The exterior surface can be made to style your brand with any graphic or logo desired, while the interior area can be made to fit your dimension specifications with ease. Different types of laminate materials may be used to create different bags, depending on the desired use for the pouch. These types of pouches are especially great to have on shelves because of the ideal bottom guesset area they sit on.

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Arguably the most popular pouch, the pillow bag is used in many industry types because of its versatility and simpleness. This pouch typically contains a bottom and top seal, with a back seal that helps form the “pillow” shape. These pouches are used in almost every industry and for a wide variety of items such as potato chips, spices, pharmaceutical items, pet treats, toys, clothing and appareal, frozen meats and vegetables, and thats just to name a few. Pillow style packaging is also a great format for your on-the-go or single serve formats most commonly used in convenience stores and restraunts.

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Combined with extra space due to added sides, the side guesset pouch is a great choice for several products, including snack foods, dry ingredients, and frozen foods. With the added space provided, this pouch can hold more volume and weight. Typically, it stands on a flat bottom formed by its sealed shape. Because off its “flat” shaped front and back, this pouch can really give your logo or art a really nice “pop”. The sides may come in two different forms that we call terminated or non-terminated. The term “terminated” simply shows a shorter side height than the height of the front and back, giving the bag a more defined shape at the top. Non-terminated pouches have same side height as the front and back of the bag, essentially allowing the shape of the bag to flow and look more symmetrical at the top and bottom.


Printed marketing collateral remains one of the most important sales tools in any company’s arsenal. It helps communicate the key values your business can offer your customers. Virtual Packaging is also happy be a part of this integral step of your marketing plan with our flat sheet printing capabilities. Your marketing materials must feature quality design; luckily, our services can help.

From Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, Menus, rack cards and more!  There are no limits to how we can help you shine with all your business and Marketing Print Needs!

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Minimum 50lb text to 30pt Cardstock
Bright White SBS
Recycled Board
Refrigerator Grade Boards
Litho Mount to Corrugate (N, E, B, C Flutes)
*Custom materials available upon request


Aqueous Gloss, Satin & Matte Coatings
Premium Aqueous Soft Touch Matte
UV Gloss
Spot UV/ Matte Combo
Foil Stamping


Minimum: 13 in x 19 in.

Maximum: B1/ 28 x 40 in.

6500 B1 sheets per hour*

*Depending on layout and imposition

100- 500K pieces

No Minimums

Sales Sample Qty's Starting at just 50 units!

Competitivly priced up to 100K B1 Sheets!

5-10 day turns

5 Business day turn for orders under 1500 Pieces

10 Business days turn for anything over 1500 Pieces

100% Digital

When we say it we mean it! We are 100% Digital from start to finish!
No Need for printing and Cutting plates.
This allows for faster speed to market and clients to focus on Just-in-time inventory management!
Only order what you need!