Your logo’s placement on your product’s packaging plays a pivotal role in forming a connection with your customers. Finding the perfect logo placement is one of the best practices for product packaging. Proper logo placement increases your brand’s visibility and weaves your company’s identity into the fabric of your product’s presentation. In this blog, we discuss the art of logo placement and give you some important tips to help your product stand out on any shelf.

Center Placement

Center stage is often where the eye naturally drifts. Placing your logo at the center of your packaging is a surefire way to capture your customer’s attention. This strategy works exceptionally well for products with minimalistic designs, allowing the logo to shine as the focal point. Remember, the center is not just the middle of an object; it’s the heart of your product’s visual appeal.

Keep It Symmetrical

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and imbues a sense of harmony and balance. You’re organizing the design elements pleasingly by aligning your logo symmetrically. You also craft a story of stability and order that customers love when purchasing new products. The key is to create a visual equilibrium that complements your product’s shape and size.

Think About Shipping

Thinking about shipping when determining your logo placement is another product packaging best practice. Your logo should be visible and recognizable, regardless of how shipping companies orient your packages.

For example, some shipping companies block a company’s logo entirely when they place shipping labels on their packages. You should ensure customers can identify your brand from multiple angles and in various stacking or hanging scenarios.

Follow the Research

Data-driven decisions are at the heart of effective logo placement. Delve into research that reveals how consumers interact with products in your category. Understand eye-tracking studies and shopper behavior patterns to place your logo where it’s most likely to catch the consumer’s attention. This approach combines science with design, creating a strategically positioned logo that maximizes visibility and impact.

Keep It Proportional

A logo that overwhelms your packaging can deter your target audience from making a purchase. Meanwhile, a logo that no one can see does you no favors. The size of your brand’s logo should harmonize with your packaging size and the other design elements. Creating this proportional balance will make your logo attention-worthy without overstimulating the consumer.

Don’t Shy Away From Creativity

While best practices are essential, they are not rigid. You must reflect the uniqueness of your brand in your logo placement. Experiment with unconventional placements or integrate the logo creatively with other design elements. A creative approach to logo design and placement can set your product apart in a crowded market and make a bold statement about your brand’s identity.

Effective logo placement on product packaging requires a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical considerations. Remember that your logo is more than just a brand identifier, whether you’re working with a digital label printing service or a traditional print shop. It symbolizes your product’s story, quality, and uniqueness.

At Virtual Packaging, our team can help you create a logo that captures the attention of and resonates with your target audience. With our creativity and manufacturing processes, your product will have an unforgettable presence in any setting.