It’s always a challenge to draw the eyes of your customers up from their phones or grocery lists, but a point of purchase display needs to do just that! We’ve outlined the key aspects of a point of purchase display so that you can have more success selling your product to the people who need it. Read on to learn more!

A Purpose

Before you can begin the construction of a point of purchase display, you need to decide what its goal is. Usually, it needs to fulfill a few main functions, including:

  • Building traffic
  • Creating awareness
  • Making an impression
  • Increasing sales

When you have these factors in mind, you can tailor your point of purchase display to achieve them.

An Understanding of Customers

One critical step that many displays get wrong is developing an understanding of customers. If you’re marketing your shaving cream with bright candy-like colors, it may not appeal to the target demographic. Figure out what makes your target audience enter the store, then determine why they purchase specific products.

Attention-Grabbing, Not Garish Design

You want to encourage consumers to look at your display, but not due to annoyance. Ideally, a point of purchase display should be attractive and straightforward with clear imagery and iconic colors. If you use bright colors, you can create a display that’s hard to ignore. Just don’t go overboard to the point that it becomes harsh on the eyes. If you really want to draw people in, make a display with something a customer can touch.

Clear Messaging

The perfect point of purchase display begins and ends with a captivating headline. As long as your message is meaningful, specific, simple, and ends with a call to action, customers will understand what your product is and who it caters to. Contact us if you’re in the market for custom retail product displays! We can help set you up with an unforgettable display.

Now that you know the key aspects of a point of purchase display, you can try your hand at creating your own. You’ll have a line of customers in no time!