Once you’ve gotten past the barrier of figuring out how to get customers into your store, you can focus more on getting them to spend as much as possible. Many purchasing decisions made by customers happen on impulse, but only if you can catch their attention enough to make an impact. Point of purchase sales can add up quickly, even when the products themselves are inexpensive. We’ll go over how to increase sales at the point of purchase to help you increase overall revenue.

Use Relatable Imagery

The images you use for your point of purchase sale items have a large impact on who will look at them. That’s why it’s crucial that you understand what your audience looks for. Elderly people get attracted to different images than children do, for example. If you focus on one particular demographic, a good way to draw their attention is to have pictures of people in that demographic near the product.

Choose Something That Sticks Out

If you want to increase sales at the point of purchase, you’ll need something that stands out from the background. Stores are generally overloaded with information that our brains filter out and shove into the background; that’s why an eye-catching display can make people pay attention. Experiment with the shapes and colors of your point of purchase advertisements and try to make them contrast with whatever else is around them.

Offer the Chance to Sample Products

If the product is something that the customer can sample, you can get a lot of new sales by allowing them to do so. Many people steer clear of impulse products because they don’t know anything about them but allowing the customer to better understand the product by using it can change this. You’re much more likely to get a sale when the customer trusts the advertised product.

Switch up Displays Often

As we mentioned, the brain is quite good at filtering information, especially if it already decided that something isn’t worth your attention. This is why regularly switching up the displays you use is important. Your customer will become accustomed to the same displays over enough time, and they will lose a lot of their efficacy. If you want more sales at the point of purchase, keep the displays fresh to entice more people to check them out.

Here at M.A. Patterson, we want you to have everything you need to get those extra sales. When you need custom retail product displays, you can trust us to make whatever you can imagine. We’ll work with you to make sure that you end up with something really eye-catching.