Every company aims to create unique packaging that makes their product stand out on store shelves. However, there are some companies that strive harder than others for unique packaging, and those are cosmetic companies. According to a recent study, the beauty industry is worth approximately $532 billion. In other words, there’s tons of competition in the cosmetic industry, and your only shot at standing out on shelves is your packaging. To make your packaging unique from the competition, check out these factors that influence cosmetic packaging design.

Current trends

The beauty industry is all about making people look their best, and product packaging is your company’s chance to show that your products are modern. Now, the trends get a little blurry because two of the biggest trends for 2020 are polar opposites––minimalist and bold. Some customers want their packaging to be very simple and modern. On the other hand, some of your customers might want the products they use to have extreme and over-the-top packaging. In other words, you have to know your customer and cater to them personally.

Your company’s image

Each cosmetic company is unique, and they should use their originality to their advantage. Loyal customers tend to identify with a company’s image, story, and brand. Nothing deters brand loyalty more than a company pivoting from who they really are. Your company’s image and story are your primary competitive advantages because the story and unique perspective is something your competitors can’t replicate. So, be true to your company––whatever that means for you.

User experience

Your customers should always have a phenomenal experience with your product, and that includes the product itself, but also the unboxing and convenience of the packaging. A common consideration for many customers when they’re choosing a cosmetic item is its protection. Makeup can damage if it’s dropped or if moisture gets into the product. Now, that’s not to say that you need waterproof packaging, but you should have some locking mechanism on your package to keep the product safe.

Environmentally Conscious

In recent years, customers of cosmetic products have increasingly been taking a company’s sustainability practices into consideration before choosing a new product. In fact, we’ve seen that eco-friendly packaging designs have become a trend in most industries. Customers want to know they’re using products that are environmentally friendly and that the packaging is also environmentally conscious. That includes using recycled materials and minimizing waste as much as possible.

Whether your company has been adjusting packaging consistently, or you’ve had the same packaging since the company launched, you might want to reconsider. Here at Virtual Packaging, we help our clients take their packaging to the next level. We’ll help you align your packaging with current trends while remaining true to your company’s image. We always suggest getting packaging comps; that way, you can see a virtual version of the packaging. From there, you can order a prototype so that you can actually hold an example of the packaging you’re ordering. If you’re ready to improve your packaging, contact us today for more information.