Did you know that 67% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by a product’s packaging material? The same study found that 63% of consumers were more likely to purchase products in cardboard or paper packaging because they could reuse the packaging. In other words, consumers care about packaging. If you’d like to learn more about how product packaging affects buying decisions, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide below.

Colors and logos matter

Remember the last time you walked down the cosmetic or laundry detergent aisle? It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Everybody recognizes the big names like Tide and Chanel. Even without their packaging or colors, many consumers would grab whatever product looks appealing. By developing consistent and authentic packaging, consumers will develop brand recognition. An example of brand recognition is Coca-Cola’s color scheme; when people see that red, they know it’s Coke. What can you do to achieve this effect? Have a consistent color theme with your company, and your logo should be simple and easy to recognize.

People want unique packaging

There are YouTube channels dedicated to “unboxings,” which are simply people who make a living by taking products out of their packaging. Where did we go wrong in our career paths, right? There are a few reasons unboxing videos are so popular nowadays. First, packaging is getting exponentially better, and consumers are loving it. By having unique packaging, your company is creating a complete experience for your customers. Next, we live in a society where there’s always something new being released. By witnessing the new shiny object being unboxed, consumers feel included. In other words, we’re talking about the fear of missing out (also known as FOMO).

If you put some extra effort into your packaging design, consumers will recognize it because they want something other than “another box.” Not that there’s anything wrong with folding cartons, but in some extremely competitive industries like cosmetics, companies need something unique about their packaging. Otherwise, your product won’t stand out; it’ll merely blend into the rest of the shelf.

Consumers value sustainable practices

Consumers are tired of single-use plastic; many are demanding sustainable packaging. We also found this to be true in our research of the packaging trends to expect in 2020. We strongly suggest using recycled materials as much as possible to improve your brand’s attractiveness to consumers and, of course, to reduce waste. Merely removing single-use plastic and replacing it with a different material, such as glass, will make consumers happier. Plus, it will also make your product appear premium.

Our team has plenty of experience in the packaging industry, so we’re ready to work with your company to find a solution in your budget. If you’re looking for custom cosmetic packaging, folding cartons, bags and pouches, labels, and more, Virtual Packaging has you covered. Contact our team today for a free same-day quote or if you have any questions.