Having attractive, eye-catching packaging is fundamental to success. It can help you acquire new customers, increase revenue, and more. Preserving your product’s quality and protecting it from damage is important, too: there’s nothing worse than having a product break or spoil on the shelves. Aesthetic packaging, or practical packaging? You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other—there’s one type of packaging that does it both. Shrink wrap is a lightweight, environmentally friendly plastic film. During packaging, a sheet made form plastic or polyolefin is wrapped around an item by a shrink wrap machine. Using applied heat, the plastic is shrunk around the item. It’s wrapped tightly and neatly, while the plastic keeps contaminants away from perishable products and increases your product’s durability. Let’s look at the top benefits and uses of shrink wrap, so you can know whether it’s right for you and your product.

Extreme Durability

By shrink wrapping your product, you’re giving it protection from the outside world. The plastic film is high-quality, and almost completely damage and puncture proof. It won’t break or tear easily, which means harmful contaminants—such as dirt, moisture, and air—can’t get inside. Since shrink wrap remains pliable under extreme temperatures, you won’t have to worry about exposure to heat or cold, either.


Another one of the top benefits and uses of shrink wrap is its versatility. You can wrap anything with shrink wrap, including irregular or non-uniform shapes, and products that are small, large, or in-between. You can even wrap your products together, which is incredibly useful when it comes to mass storage and warehouses. Regardless of size, shape, or the amount you’re packing, shrink wrap will give your products a transparent, glossy finish and unbeatable protection.

Environmentally Safe

Since shrink wrap is easily recyclable and cheaper than carton and wrapping paper, it can reduce your packaging costs by up to 50 percent. It’s safe for the environment and people. Shrink wrap is chemically inert, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as toxins or coloration. This makes it perfect for wrapping consumable food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and body care products.

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