We’re all familiar with limited edition products and packaging. They’re the egg-shaped chocolates you see during the springtime, the snowflake and ornament-covered packaging that companies push out around Christmas, and the creative collaboration items that happen between two or more popular brands. Creating a limited edition product and packaging to match is a great way to showcase your brand’s creativity, capitalize on current trends or events, and interact with your existing customer base. Of course, you can’t just come up with any kind of product and packaging and expect it to be a success. There are a variety of different factors you need to consider before releasing a limited edition product. In this guide, we’ll go over some tips for creating limited edition packaging so you can ensure your item will dazzle people and be remembered for a long time.

Consider Your Audience

The main point of a limited edition item or collection is to cater to your target audience. To ensure a successful launch, focus more on what they would enjoy, and less on what you and your marketing team would prefer to do. You don’t have to include a ton of marketing speak and branding elements. Keep the jargon and upselling to a minimum and focus more on putting out a creative design. This is an opportunity for you to step away from the elements included in your normal branding and demonstrate the innovative, fun-loving side of your brand.

Give Your Customers Something Collectible

The “afterlife” of your limited edition product and packaging is another important factor to consider. You should aim to make it something that your customers will want to collect and keep with them for a long time. You could make the items part of a recurring series of collectibles or give them a unique function. Packaging they can fold, cut, or arrange to make a piece of furniture or even a fashion accessory is a good example of this. Some people enjoy buying collectibles because they’re rare and unique, while others will purchase collectibles because they know they’ll be profitable for them in the future—which translates into profit for you in the present.

Make It Shareable

Another tip for creating limited edition packaging is to make it something that people will want to share on social media. Give your packaging an aesthetically pleasing appearance that will look good on people’s Facebook feed, Twitter feed, and Instagram timeline. You can encourage your customers to like, follow, and share images by holding small contests, which will help you reach a larger audience without needing to spend an exorbitant amount on marketing.

You want to make sure your limited edition packaging is done right, and one of the best ways to do that is by using packaging comps and mockups. Virtual Packaging’s premium quality packaging comps allow you to test out a variety of different options for your limited edition packaging before it launches. Contact us today for your free same-day quote!