Whether it’s sweet or salty, packaging plays an enormous role when it comes to deciding which snack we’ll buy and even how we think it’ll taste. If you compared an average-looking bag of chocolates to a beautifully packaged bag of “the finest chocolates in the world” you’re already predisposed to thinking that the later will be better, even if it’s actually the exact same product inside. Check out some of the many ways that Virtual Packaging can help you revamp your marketing efforts to get started!

Packaging for Food Products

Whether you need a label, box, bag, or other sort of container, we have a ton of different options when it comes to packaging for food products. From a sleek bag of the latest veggie chips to a simple label for your organic peanut butter, we can build the ideal product packaging for your specific food item. Choosing neutral colors and simple packaging can help your brand associate itself with natural, organic, and healthy living. Bright and bold colors, on the other hand, are a great way to make your products really pop on the shelf and draw people in. On the flip side, simple black or white can go a long way as well. There’s no right color or style choice when it comes to packaging for food products – the right one will be whatever best represents your brand and the message you’re trying to deliver.

Confectionary Packaging Prototypes

Channel your inner Willie Wonka with a visually spectacular candy packaging prototype. When it comes to the candy section, all styles are graciously welcomed. From beautifully bold to stunningly simple, confectionary packaging comes in all colors and styles. Whether people are looking for a vibrant bag of fruit chews or a decadent box of chocolate truffles, the first thing someone is drawn to is the packaging. Are you going to show a high-quality visual of the candy on the front? Or do you just want to keep it simple and only have a solid background with your logo. These are just some important factors to consider when choosing candy packaging mockups, and our experts here at Virtual Packaging would be happy to guide you through the entire process.  

If you’re looking for just a seasonal packaging change, we can help with that! From chips and popcorn to candy and other sweet treats, packaging that matches the upcoming holiday or season can make an otherwise ordinary product quite unique and eye-catching.