Whether you’re displaying your product online, in your own store, or in another retail environment––your packaging can make all the difference. In fact, did you know that 82% of consumers are more likely to buy a product they can see, hold, and test in a store? In other words, you have seconds to grab the customer’s attention in a store, so how do you do that? With effective product packaging. Our experts made a guide that breaks down the essential elements of effective packaging design. Read on to learn more.

Your Packaging Should Target Your Ideal Customer

Why waste your time trying to sell to everyone and anyone when you could hone in on a particular customer? Your packaging should directly target your ideal customer. By having targeted packaging, you’ll not only have more efficient and productive marketing strategies, but your product will also essentially jump off the shelf for the right people. Remember you’re trying to win repeat customers. If you’re targeting the wrong person in the first place, they won’t return because they weren’t the right fit for the product to begin with. Know your customer and improve your packaging from there.

Communicate the Benefits Clearly and Concisely

Some business owners have a hard time communicating the benefits of their products because they see all the potential benefits. However, customers only need to see a few (sometimes less) benefits to make a purchasing decision. Your packaging should clearly and concisely communicate those benefits with an easy-to-read font. A few common benefits to highlight include key terms like plant-based, biodegradable, organic, and gluten-free. Your packaging should highlight key factors about your product that make you better than the others, but don’t overload your packaging with text––keep it clean and simple.

Be Original and Use Green Packaging

Whether we’re talking a retail shelf or a virtual e-commerce shelf, your packaging should be original and authentic to your brand. Don’t be another brand that tries to replicate packaging from a successful brand like Apple. Not only will customers notice that you’re trying to copy them, but they are also likely to develop a low-quality perception of your brand and product. The bottom line is, be yourself and everything will be fine. Additionally, you should avoid using single-use plastic packaging, and we encourage customers to use eco-friendly packaging instead. In fact, customers value environmentally friendly packaging so much they’re willing to pay up to 5% more.

Since every company and product is different, your packaging design might look different than others. But the essential elements of effective packaging design we discussed previously remain the same. Everyone needs to know what you’re selling and why they should buy it.

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