Finding the right packaging for electronics, home, and sporting goods can be a tricky task. Not only does the packaging need to be durable and functional, it needs to be attention-grabbing and visually appealing as well. In these industries where oversized, heavy, and oddly shaped products are the norm, Virtual Packaging has got you covered.

Direct Print

Whether you’re working with plastic, metal, wood, cardboard, leather, or some other type of material, we can directly print on virtually any surface. Ideal for electronics, home, and sporting goods, this technique gives you a photo quality print that’s designed to last.

Exterior Product Cartons

When you walk down the toy aisle, you’ll probably notice that most of the products are in some sort of exterior product carton. From dolls and action figures to toy cars and model airplanes, this type of packaging keeps everything looking uniform, and any accessories can be displayed nicely as well. You can choose to add a clear panel, so the consumer can see the actual product. Then, you still have plenty of space for your brand name, graphics, and other pertinent information.

High-End Rigid Structure Boxes

Whether it’s fine china or everyday glassware, high-end rigid structure boxes keep your products safe. This type of packaging is available in various styles and cardboard thicknesses in addition to different finishing options. Since it is made from a sturdier material, it won’t necessarily make it bulky, but it will still protect fragile items with care. From glass dishes to crystal vases, rigid structure boxes are the way to go when it comes to packaging for your homewares.


A type of packaging for electronics, corrugates are typically used for computers, speakers, TVs, and other larger electronic items. They’re also commonly used in sports packaging for larger and unusually shaped items, such as golf clubs and exercise equipment. Composed of three separate layers of thick paperboard, this heavy-duty material is much more durable than your typical cardboard. The two flat liners sandwich a rippled layer in the middle, creating a surface that’s much harder to bend and tear. Additionally, the components on the inside will keep your products from sliding around. Add in some slick graphics and the right message to have packaging for electronics that crushes your competitors.