There’s a lot to consider when designing packaging for baby food, including what parents will feel comfortable giving to their children. Creating the perfect packaging is all about finding the right mix of safety, recyclability, and mess reduction. Here are some of our most effective and safe baby food packaging ideas.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are perhaps the most classic packaging strategy for baby food, and it’s no wonder why. This option bears the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics for storage and food preparation over plastic containers. On top of that, glass jars are easily recyclable, and they eliminate the risk of plastic chemicals leaching into food.

However, you should remember that glass jars are much heavier than pouches or plastic containers—when you hand a heavy object to a child, there’s a much higher chance of a slip.

While a plastic container falling from a high chair might make a mess, there’s no chance of glass shards flying all over the place. Plus, heavier containers require more money to ship them from your manufacturing center.

Plastic Containers

Right off the bat, it’s clear that plastic containers and glass jars fall at opposite ends of the spectrum—glass jars are heavy yet great for storage, and plastic containers are lightweight yet lacking for storage purposes. The reduced chance of breakability (and if they do break, they break safely) is no small thing, and these containers are usually recyclable.

On the other hand, if you don’t use higher-quality plastics, you may introduce harmful chemicals into food, including BPA and phthalates. If the food requires heating, the chances of leaching chemicals increase.


Pouches offer a healthy mix of the advantages of plastic and glass. First, they’re lightweight like plastic but they don’t contain plastic’s potential chemicals. This is due to Recycling Code 5, which requires pouches to have polypropylene lining.

The one slight drawback of pouches is that they’re not currently locally recyclable. But as their recycling is getting easier, this option offers the best overall results! If you’re in the market for product pouch packaging, reach out to us—we can help.

Now that you know these effective and safe baby food packaging ideas, create the best design possible and help parents feed their kids without hassles!