One of the beautiful things about business is the requirement to innovate and stand out. Most companies set themselves apart from competitors by creating unique goods and services; sometimes, though, that’s not enough. Nowadays, companies compete for eyes more than ever. There are endless products in nearly every industry, so you really need to grab a customer’s attention before your competitors do.

There are several ways to get a customer’s attention, but one way is through your packaging. That said, not all packaging is created equal. You could go for generic packaging which certainly works or you could take it a step further and do custom packaging. Not only does custom packaging look great because it’s unique, but your competitors will also never see it coming. There are several different industries that can benefit from custom packaging, and yours is probably one of them. Read our guide below to learn more.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

The beauty industry is among the most competitive markets, and your product alone certainly isn’t enough to get a customer’s attention. Many customers like practical packaging—that is, packaging that isn’t merely thrown out after purchase. You could incorporate something as simple as a mirror in your makeup packaging or sturdy packaging that protects your product if your customer is traveling. Knowing your customer and their interests will make the design process much easier, so be sure to do your fair share of research.

Pet Care

Packaging is important for pet parents because they want packaging that’s safe for their pets but also interesting. The good news is you can go crazy with custom packaging for pet products because people have no problem spending a lot of money on their pets. When designing packaging for the pet industry, you want packaging that’s safe for the contents (like treats). Pet owners also love packaging that’s fun and different, so don’t hold back on creativity.

Food and Beverage

Like our previously mentioned industries, the food and beverage industries are extremely competitive. That said, we’ve seen countless brands in recent years with unique packaging that’s unlike any others. Some brands with unique packaging include Boxed Water Is Better and Talenti Gelato; both brands stand out because their packaging is different than anyone else on the shelf.

Of course, there are dozens of other industries that can benefit from custom packaging, but the three here are some of the big ones. The best way to create unique custom packaging is to work with a packaging company with state-of-the-art equipment.

If you’re looking to create custom packaging, Virtual Packaging has you covered. Our team consists of industry professionals who take pride in helping companies improve packaging. Whether you’re looking for packaging that requires custom laser cutting, general folding cartons, or anything in between, we have it all. Contact our team today for a free same-day quote.