In order to accommodate unique products across all different industries, Virtual Packaging offers custom shrink wrap sleeves. Even if your product isn’t a perfect shape, this unique type of packaging is heated to conform to the structure of your item and hold that shape. There are no extra pockets of air, so you won’t have to worry about a traditional type of label falling off or looking askew.

The plastic or polyester material is both moisture and abrasion resistant, which is ideal for products that may get bumped around a lot on store shelves or are stored in the refrigerated section of stores. Due to the 360-degree design of shrink wrap sleeve packaging, you can fully utilize every inch of space to get your message across on products of all shapes and sizes.

  • Single Products. From the cleaning products in your closet to your protein powder in the pantry to the shampoo bottles in your bathroom, chances are, many of these items take advantage of the great benefits of shrink wrap packaging. This provides extra protection against leaks, and it also gives the consumer peace of mind that their products haven’t been tampered with.
  • Multi-Pack Products. Whether you need to wrap 24 bottles of water in a pack for the grocery store or 24 packages of soup in a crate for wholesale purposes, our custom shrink wrap sleeves can be as big or as small as you need it to be. With the rise of Club Stores, more and more buyers are asking for multipacks!

When it comes to shrink wrap packaging from Virtual Packaging, there are no limitations on color or size. With vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics, your product is sure to make a statement. Everything is created by hand in order to make sure that the art shrinks to the right position—and you can get our custom shrink wrap label comps in every one of our different finishes. We can even make metallic options as well!