The cosmetic industry and the fashion industry have a lot in common. Perhaps one of the biggest commonalities they share is that trends in both can change at the drop of a hat. Every year brings new information and trends that shape the cosmetic industry’s products for the future. Here, we’ll go over some of the cosmetic industry trends you should know in 2021 so that you can make any necessary shifts in production.

The Rising Importance of Hygiene

Unsurprisingly, hygiene and cleanliness have become a huge concern for many people after the past year dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Products and brands that emphasize cleanliness and hygiene are likely to make huge strides as more and more people concern themselves with proper sanitation.

Blue Light Protection

With many more people working and studying from home using computers, harmful blue light from screens is becoming a bigger problem. Many cosmetic producers are now considering this issue when developing new products. Studies have shown that ingredients such as algae and turmeric help combat the harmful effects of blue light exposure.

Makeup Minimalism

One 2021 cosmetic industry trend you should know is a move toward a more natural, minimalistic look. The days of heavy and noticeable makeup are falling by the wayside in favor of looking more like our natural selves. Busier lives also call for easier makeup routines, leading to higher demand for minimalist products.

Improvements in Liquid Makeup

An interesting trend in recent years has been a move away from solid cosmetics in favor of more liquid products. Liquid makeup products tend to last longer and stay effective for longer periods. Liquid lipsticks, skincare, and other items have become a prominent part of many customers’ repertoires.

Ingredient Transparency

Many customers are much more conscious about the effects that their cosmetics have on the environment and their bodies. Cosmetic companies wishing to maintain good customer relations will be completely transparent in their ingredient lists. Trying to deceive the customers won’t work anymore, and the backlash will be far more severe if they find out.

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