The color you choose for your product packaging has a huge influence on your brand and its style. Each color can evoke different feelings in your consumer, so it’s crucial to think carefully about the way you design your product packaging. These are the common colors that are used in cosmetic packaging and their uses.


White is a standard color in packaging for cosmetics products that has a way of bringing a modern feel to products. White packaging looks bright and clean and appeals to a modern sensibility in your consumer. White is a safe bet when it comes to the cosmetic product packaging.


Many cosmetic brands use black packaging, and it brings an elegant and dignified look to a product. Black is an inoffensive neutral, and it can stand up to wear over time. Bring a luxurious and elevated feel to your product with black packaging.


Silver packaging is common in cosmetics that makes your product look bright and modern. Silver products also catch the light in a unique way that can bring attention to your product on the shelf. Choose this color for a sleek and modern look for your product.


Blue packaging has a variety of uses in cosmetic products, and it has a clean and unifying feeling. Unisex items often use light blues to capture male and female buyers alike. Use blue for unisex or cleansing products to evoke a clean and invigorating feeling in consumers.


Pink products have a fun and jovial feel that can elicit interest in even the most reserved customers. Pink works for both youthful and mature products and can bring warmth and joy to your branding.

Neon Colors

Neon colors are visually striking and can make a small item stand out in a sea of competitors. Neon colors bring a fun and edgy feeling to your product’s branding and can be visually captivating on the shelf.

Blurred Gradients

Blurred gradients are modern and trendy to consumers, which has made them popular in beauty brand packaging design. Blurred gradients allow you to use multiple colors in your packaging and evoke different feelings in prospective buyers. They have a modern feel that is still soft and inviting to consumers.

These are the common colors used in cosmetic packaging. If you need aesthetically pleasing custom cosmetic packaging, we can help. Reach out today to get a quote on an eye-catching modern design for your product! Draw customers in with your inviting packaging design.