It’s no secret that color can affect a buyer’s interest in a product. Choosing one color over another may make the difference between success and failure, so this is a consideration you should take seriously. Read on to learn colors in packaging that catch consumers’ eyes and what the colors represent.

Grabbing attention isn’t everything—you should also strive to communicate the product’s purpose and express your brand identity with your aesthetic choices.


When you think about white products, what jumps into your mind? If your brain calls up images of iPhone boxes, then Apple has done its job brilliantly. White packages are a great way to tell your customers that your product is simple, elegant, and pure. You can direct a buyer’s perception more specifically by accenting white packaging with another color.


Many people associate black products with luxury since the color represents sophistication and strength. If you pair black packaging with metalized silver or gold, you’ll have an expensive, high-quality look.


If you’re hoping to let your buyers know that your product is safe and offers security, blue is perhaps the best color you can choose. You’ll have a hard time walking down an aisle in any store and not finding a blue product or two. Do you want to target an older or younger audience? Darker and lighter blues tend to appeal to older and younger people, respectively.


As with many of the other colors on this list, you probably thought of “green” as having clear meanings: eco-friendly, healthy, all-natural products. While this is an accurate reading, you can also home in on particular shades for more specificity. Lighter greens tend to represent products that are nutritious, while darker greens show that a product is more luxurious.

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Now that you know the colors in packaging that catch consumers’ eyes, start brainstorming the design for your product and get ready to find success!