Beverage shrink sleeve labels are commonly used throughout the industry to promote waters, juices, teas, coffees, sodas, alcohols, and more. With the right beverage packaging, you can make sure that your product is the one that consumers notice and ultimately purchase. Whether it’s in a metal can or a plastic or glass bottle, Virtual Packaging can create the ultimate look to effectively brand your product. A few of our most popular beverage packaging options are:

Shrinks Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels give you the most space to work with as they offer 360-degree coverage. That’s plenty of space for your logo, brand name, graphics, nutritional information, and any other message you would like to incorporate. Whether you need a single sleeve for your can of green tea or a multi-pack option to keep your 24-pack of water together, we can make it happen. The best part of shrink sleeve beverage labels is that they completely conform to your container regardless of the shape or size, leaving no extra space for air. This makes it in ideal solution for bottles that have a unique shape or a lot of curves or indents.

Beverage Label

From water bottles to juice jugs and everything in between, the right beverage label is key to keeping those products flying off the shelves. You have less than seconds to capture your potential consumer’s attention, so you need to make sure that your beverage label packaging is on point. Whether you need something fairly clear to showcase the drink or want something opaque that matches the colors of your brand, we’ll come up with a solution that best represents your product. Virtual can also create double sided printing, so you can have even more art space when looking through your clear containers to the backside.

Beverage Carton Packaging

Whether it’s a box of juice pouches or a case of beer, beverage carton packaging allows you to keep your items together and protected. Once the main carton is open, consumers can either take the individual items out for easier storage or leave them in the box until it’s time to use them.