Virtual Packaging has a variety of custom bag, flow wrap, and pouch packaging prototype options to make all of your products look absolutely stunning. Whether you need something clear, solid, protective, air-packed, or all of the above, we’ll work together to find the best option for your specific product needs.

Custom Bag Packaging

Products big and small from all types of industries utilize custom bag packaging. Looking for something that will keep your chips, fruit gummies, and other snacks from getting crushed? Pillow bag packaging is air cushioned and specifically designed to do just that. Searching for something that can be placed neatly on a shelf? Sturdy stand-up pouches or VSU bags are flat at the bottom and capable of holding heavier products. If you’re looking for more Board Space to fill with art or info, a Flat bottom or Box Pouch may be the stile for you. Whatever your specific needs are, we can come up with a custom bag packaging solution to get your product flying out the doors.

Custom Flow Wrap Packaging

Granola bars, mints, and chocolates are just a few of the many products that often utilize flow wrap packaging. For this technique, the package is heat sealed on both sides, allowing it to have a longer shelf life. However, there’s still a little air left inside to protect the product during transportation. It’s ideal for things that may vary in size, such as baked goods, since it is custom fit to each object. We’ll collaborate with you to create a custom flow wrap mockup for your product packaging.

Custom Flexible Pouch Packaging

Including resealable stand-up pouch die lines, we have a wide range of stand-up pouch packaging solutions to meet all of your product packaging needs. If you want your product to speak for itself, our color-backed pouches with a window on the front let you put all the important information on the back while your product shines on the front. If it’s your logo you want to showcase, we have lots of different base colors you can choose from. If you’re looking for something in the middle, our pouches with a window let both your branding and the product itself stand out.

Don’t forget to finish your custom bag, flow wrap, and pouch packaging prototype with some of our beautiful finishes!