The beverage industry is competitive, and brands must go the extra mile to stand out among their competitors. The best way to stand out to prospective customers and garner brand recognition is to skillfully design beverage packaging. Packaging should preserve the beverage’s quality and designers should craft them thoughtfully to benefit marketing and customer experience. Here’s a quick guide to beverage packaging design.

Determining a Target Audience

Different aesthetics and products will appeal to different demographics, which is why beverage brands must identify a target audience before creating their product design. A person’s age, gender, and values all factor into their purchasing decisions and which designs stand out to them. Brands should also complete market research to understand their target customer base.

Reinforce a Visual Brand

Beverage companies have the opportunity to reinforce visual branding elements with their packaging. Visual brand elements include typography, color palettes, logos, and other graphic imagery. Using consistent visuals between packaging and advertising creates a positive customer experience when customers want to learn more about a brand. Although your beverage packaging design should be cohesive and visually appealing, you should also scale it to the size of the bottle or can.

Printing Necessary Information

Regulatory bodies in the United States legally mandate food and beverage brands to print certain nutritional and manufacturing information on their packaging. All bottles and cans must have a nutritional facts chart, a list of ingredients, an expiration date, and the manufacturing location printed on them. Other than these required elements, brands should prominently feature information on any unique selling points on their packaging. Customers should know what to expect from a drink’s flavor just from reading its packaging.

Work With Quality Materials

Your beverage design is only as effective as the materials you print it on. Before mass-producing a drink label, have a manufacturer send a sample print to ensure the quality meets your standards. You may realize you need to simplify your design or opt for another packaging material. Furthermore, outer packaging materials should withstand shipping and regular handling by store clerks and customers.

Beverage brands can highly benefit from printing their packaging designs on custom shrink sleeves. These sleeves offer an ideal solution for fitting information and branding on all sides of a can or bottle. Virtual Packaging can create high-quality custom packaging to meet your needs if you’re a beverage company in need of shrink-sleeve labels. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.