Companies in all industries are striving for ethical, eco-friendly practices. If your business creates a product that requires packaging, there are several options for reducing your carbon footprint. Here are four ways to make your packaging more sustainable.

Create Smaller Packages

Products often ship out in packages that are much larger than necessary. Think about the last time you ordered from Amazon. The company often packages a tiny cosmetic item in a box 30 times its size! There’s no reason “sustainable” has to equate to “more expensive.” In fact, eco-friendly product packaging is often about finding the most efficient option, which typically leads to reduced costs.

Use Recycled Materials

Almost all packaging materials have a recyclable alternative, from boxes to mailers to containers. If your product uses cardboard, consider switching to paperboard. It’s a perfect alternative to cardboard, as it’s incredibly lightweight and is ideal for shipping. If your packaging uses plastic, you can switch to one of several sustainable shipping materials that use recycled plastic bags and bottles. 

Choose Compostable and Biodegradable Options

You can have a significant impact on sustainability with biodegradable and compostable materials. Whether your consumers compost the packages themselves or discard the materials, they won’t harm the environment. The packages will break down in less than a year.

Plant-based polymers traditional make up these options, so it’s easy for these packages to return to the earth without impacting the environment.

Use Partners Dedicated to Sustainability

You can seek sustainability by working with manufacturing partners who prioritize a minimized carbon footprint. Check out Virtual Packaging to learn how committed we are to green practices. If you’re looking for custom sustainable packaging from a partner dedicated to eco-friendly methods, we can help. 

Now you know how to make packaging more sustainable. Help the planet and make a positive impact on the environment today!