Successful cosmetics packaging incorporates more than function. Today, thoughtfully designed packaging is crucial for building brand recognition and influencing brand perception. Cosmetics brands can connect with their customer base by aligning themselves with forecasted trends and innovations in their packaging. As such, we are here to delve into some of the most influential trends shaping the future of cosmetic packaging.

Sustainable Materials

One packaging trend that is becoming increasingly important for consumers of all ages is using recyclable or biodegradable materials. Consumers want to support brands that align with their eco-conscious values, and they are willing to pay a higher premium for sustainable packaging.

One way cosmetics brands are opting for sustainable packaging is by moving away from plastic containers in favor of glass and other carbon-reducing materials. Cosmetics brands are also beginning to offer products in refillable containers to reduce waste.

Bold Colors and Fonts

Many cosmetics brands use boldly designed packaging to build brand recognition. Daring colors and fonts stand out on shelves and catch the eye when scrolling on social media. Cosmetic brands that utilize vibrant and off-beat packaging tend to be directed at teenagers and young adults who base brand loyalty around identifiable design. Brands can implement unique designs by investing in custom cosmetics packaging.

Clean and Sleek Design

In contrast to utilizing bold colors and patterns, many cosmetics brands are creating a consistent brand identity by choosing sleek and minimalist packaging. Minimalist packaging reflects sophistication, simplicity, and modernity. As such, packaging with clean lines and subtle branding can reflect a timeless appearance and high-quality products.

Focus on Diversity

Diversity and inclusion is essential to shaping the future of cosmetic packaging. Recent trends prioritize showcasing models with a range of skin tones, body types, and gender expressions on packaging materials. With intentional packaging design that embraces inclusion, brands can appeal to a diverse customer base.

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