There are so many ways to promote and advertise your products effectively and successfully. There are commercials, internet ads, and product placement. But virtual is not the only platform to concern yourself with.

It’s important to remember that when customers are browsing the aisles, you want them to stop and pick up your products. Check out these four tips for an effective point-of-purchase display.

Keep It Simple

Less is more. Less is always more. Point-of-purchase displays don’t need to be overly complicated. You want to draw customers’ eyes, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Too much glitz and glam will turn people’s eyes in the other direction.

Carefully observe your current display, and if it feels too busy, then it probably is. Keep the focus on the product in the best way possible. Always draw the attention back to what you’re selling. Come up with a theme that is bold and straight to the point. Instead of having too many words for people to read, remember a picture says 1,000 words.

Know Your Audience

Who are your products for? Are you trying to target parents, kids, singles, married couples, or workout fanatics? Know your target audience. When you know who you need to cater your products toward, it makes it easier to choose a theme and a design for your point-of-purchase display.

If you’re selling products pertaining to exercise and health essentials, showing a pair of fit individuals might draw someone’s eye. There is a reason why protein powders and shakes have a thick bicep on the cover of the container. Your customers want to look like that, so they will pick it up and buy it.

Tell a Story

When it comes to creating or choosing point-of-purchase display boxes, they need to tell a story. Here at M.A. Patterson Company, we provide a service to help get your message across. Stories entertain everyone, and there is evidence everywhere. Book lovers and movie buffs can attest to this.

It’s the story that draws people in, and they are desperate to discover the ending. Tell your unique story. You want your target audience to know why they should choose your products over anyone else’s. Keeping it original and true to your brand will set you apart from the competition.

Stick With Your Brand

And that brings us to our last one. The main thing that sets you apart from your competitors is your brand. No other product or business has a brand like yours. It’s unique to you, and you should build on this for your benefit.

Sticking with your brand also helps to continuously promote brand recognition. When customers travel from store to store, they will recognize your products because of the brand name. Don’t deviate from the brand theme, and if you do incorporate some add-ons, make sure they complement and blend well together.

At M.A. Patterson Company, we have more advice to successfully promote and sell your products in addition to these four tips for an effective point-of-purchase display. Visit our website for more information.