We think shrink wrapping gets a bad rap, so we’re here to set the record straight. Many retailers and manufacturers don’t know how excellent shrink wrap is because they’ve heard anti-shrink-wrap propaganda. Read on to discover four misconceptions about shrink wrap packaging.

Shrink Wrap Isn’t Recyclable

While it’s true that there was a time when shrink wrap packaging wasn’t recyclable, those days are gone. Plastic film recycling is here to stay in the United States and internationally, and the recyclability of shrink wrap grows every year. On top of that, shrink wrap packaging also has a beneficial impact on the environment—it reduces transportation and energy costs!

Film Is Difficult To Open

Utility knives and box cutters are employees’ go-to tools for opening packages. When a product is encased in corrugate, employees can’t see where they’re cutting and may damage the product. Film allows employees to avoid damaging the product while being one tear away from opening.

If your product requires thicker film, you can include perforations to make unpacking even easier. In addition to perforations, you can also add a custom logo on shrink wrap if your product needs it!

Heat-Sensitive Products Can’t Use Shrink Wrap

You’re correct in thinking that you need heat to apply shrink wrap to your packaging, but you don’t need to worry about heat damage. Most products move through a shrink tunnel within seconds, but there are high-heat-free alternatives if you have a highly sensitive product. A tight wrap system or forming shoe can wrap your product without jeopardizing integrity.

Shrink Wrapping Equipment Is Expensive To Maintain

Advances in shrink-wrapping technology have drastically reduced the amount of energy required for shrink tunnels, as they run at much lower temperatures than ever before. This lowers your energy bill and puts your equipment under less strain, saving money in multiple ways.

Now that you know these four misconceptions about shrink wrap packaging, give this great option another shot and save money while doing it!